Project Meeting in Paderborn 9th-11th September 2013

16. 09. 2013

For the fourth plenary meeting of CloudScale, we met in Paderborn, Germany. Directly besides world’s largest computer museum, the University of Paderborn hosted this meeting.

We achieved great success in consolidating our results achieved since the last meeting in Karlsruhe. Based on these good result, we are looking forward to November’s EU Review in Brussels as well as the next plenary meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

CloudScale Invited Speaker at NordiCloud in Oslo

02. 09. 2013

CloudScale gave an overall presentation with a focus on ScaleDL. As a result of this meeting, CloudScale will discuss further collaboration opportunities concerning CloudML and ScaleDL on 20 September. CloudML is a meta language for cloud deployment used in the Call 8 projects Passage and ModaClouds.

NordiCloud official website

CloudScale participates at SPEC Research Group meeting and joined SPEC

14. 06. 2013

At April, 25th, CloudScale members participated at the annual meeting of the SPEC Research Group in Prague. The SPEC Research Group is a part of the “Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation” (SPEC) which focuses on quantitative system evaluation and analysis. Along other performance properties, scalability is of main interest for this research group. In particular, the group plans to create benchmarks and evaluation techniques for scalability. 

Two CloudScale members participated in fruitful discussions on metrics and evaluation techniques for scalability. As CloudScale sees several opportunities in continuing this cooperation with the SPEC, UPB joined the SPEC Research Group on behalf of the project at June, 12th. Therefore, CloudScale hopes to contribute to standards in scalability evaluation in the future.