CloudScale project reviewed by OCEAN project

12. 11. 2014

CloudScale has been awarded a stamp of recognition from the OCEAN project. The distinction is denoted "Reviewed by OCEAN Open Cloud". CloudScale is currently one of the 20 projects, out of the 74 projects currently in the Open Cloud Directory, that has received such a distinction.
The OCEAN Open Cloud label recognizes innovative assets, new concepts, architecture documentation and/or re-usable open source cloud components.

The CloudScale project result that is thus rewarded is "CloudStore", which is a free and open standard scenario definition and implementation of a typical web application. CloudStore allows one to measure and compare different cloud providers, architectures and deployment in terms of capacity, elasticity and costs. CloudStore can be found at at the Open Cloud Directory and GitHub.


Presenting CloudScale Environment at OpenCloud Europe 2014

14. 10. 2014

We have presetned CloudScale Environment at the CloudOpen Europe 2014 (LinuxConf) in October. In this presentation, we have showed the use of the CloudScale Environment, an open-source solution providing an engineering approach for building scalable cloud applications. Using a our showcase (CloudStore), we have showed how the CloudScale Environment can be used to improve the scalability and cost-efficiency of existing systems, how to use the tool during design time, and how to spot potential anti-patterns by analysing the source code or running automated tests on the deployed system.


Arranged workshop on Cloud Service Scalability

21. 05. 2014

The HotTopiCS workshop was successful and consisted of five papers. The workshop was led by Steffen Becker and Gunnar Brataas. In the break-out session, 16 researchers, among them the ICPE Chair Klaus Lange, participated in intense discussion on metrics for elasticity and scalability and on how to capture models for the same. The summary of these discussions can be found here and here. We discussed the possibility of repeating the success in Austin, Texas for the next ICPE conference, January 2015.