News article about CloudScale from ENT

17. 01. 2013

Croatian publication EU Kutak (EU Corner) interviews Ericsson Nicola Tesla Research & Development department focusing on the current CloudScale project.

News article (in Croatian)

News article about CloudScale from the SINTEF press room

09. 01. 2013

The news article, written in Norwegian, introduces the challenges involved with systems that do not scale, referring to well known problems that recently occurred in Norway. It explains that Cloud Computing is gaining popularity, but that this is no guarantee that applications will scale well. It explains how the CloudScale project seeks to provide better methods and tools for the software community.

Link to news article (in Norwegian)

Call For Articles - SUCRE CloudSource Magazine

09. 01. 2013

The Editorial Board of the SUCRE CloudSource Magazine is informing that it is now accepting contributions for the first issue of the aforementioned Magazine to be published next 30th April 2013.

SUCRE - Call For Articles