Value chain

CludScale provides tools and methods supporting inherently massively scalable services architectures, enabling the European industry, including SMEs, to gain an advantage when developing services for the cloud.

The results of CloudScale are aimed at different types of people, organizations and roles, offering benefits to each:

  • End users
    Improved scalability of system deployed in clouds means satisfied users even during peak load.

  • Developers of software services
    For developers of software services, improved scalability management becomes a selling point. CloudScale tools help developers make sensible decisions about which parts of the system most require "gold plating".

  • System architects
    System architects, the composers of software services are able to understand and predict the scalability of services resulting from compositions.

  • Service providers
    Service providers are able to make timely decisions about purchase or deployment of more hardware in order to prevent scalability bottlenecks before they show up. They are also able to plan reduction in non-essential features to retain core functionality during periods of extreme demand.

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    Thanks to improved scalability of customer applications and more effective use of resources, IaaS providers are able to serve more customers with the same hardware through better management of scalability of their own systems, and can thereby operate with a smaller safety margin and greater profit.