CloudScale Environment

The CloudScale Environment is a desktop application that integrates the different tools of the CloudScale project, namely the Dynamic and Static Spotters, the Analyzer and the Extractor, while driving the user through the flow of the CloudScale Model. This desktop application can be installed and used in any personal computer running Java 7+, including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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CloudScale's Analyser allows to analyze ScaleDL models regarding scalability, elasticity, and efficiency of cloud computing applications at design time. For these capabilities, CloudScale integrated novel metrics for such properties into Analyzer. Analyses are based on analytical solvers and/or or simulations. Analyzer particularly supports to analyze self-adaptive systems, e.g., systems that can dynamically scale out and in.


The Extractor is a reverse engineering tool for automatic model extraction. It parses source code and generates partial ScaleDL models that are further used by the Analyser.

 Dynamic spotter

DynamicSpotter is a framework for measurement-based, automatic detection of software performance problems in Java-based enterprise software systems. It combines the concepts of software performance anti-patterns with systematic experimentation.

 Static spotter

The Static Spotter is a reverse engineering tool based on the Reclipse for automatic detection of so called search patterns which then are interpreted as a potential scalability anti-patterns. All scalability anti-patterns are defined in the pattern catalogue. Later on, the Static Spotter is searching for the anti-patterns according to the pattern catalogue.