CloudScale Book


We are proud to announce the CloudScale book that introduce the CloudScale Method to software engineers!

The book addresses the lack of a software engineering method for the development of cloud computing applications by introducing a dedicated engineering method for this purpose. This method---the CloudScale Method---is the main result from our work in the European FP7 CloudScale project.

The CloudScale Method comes with processes that software engineers have to follow during development. During these processes, a complementary tool set allows software engineers to design and analyze cloud computing applications. The tool set particularly allows software engineers to leverage on both, design models and existing implementations, to ensure that cloud computing applications will scale. Moreover, CloudScale's code analyzer tools support migration scenarios in which existing applications are ported onto cloud computing environments. Migrated applications benefit from elastic resource provisioning and will have reduced total cost of ownership.

In the book, we describe the CloudScale Method in detail so that software engineers are provided with a single reference to apply it. We accordingly cover motivating scenarios, business and management considerations, high and detailed-level descriptions of each method step, several examples from the cloud computing domain, and first successfully conducted industrial case studies. Based on these information, software engineers will be prepared to introduce the CloudScale Method to their companies, e.g., in its full extend or by adapting current practices to include parts of the CloudScale Method.